Obtaining TechSmith Snagit Windows Installers

In comparison to other publishers, Techsmith is a leader in providing administration resources. I have detailed a few methods of obtaining Enterprise installation media in this post.

Techsmith Old Versions Page


The Snagit Old Versions page provides multiple products, versions, and installer types (offered via FTP or HTTP). Installer types offered are .EXE, .ZIP, and .MSI.

Techsmith Snagit FTP Site


If you downloaded an installer from the Old Versions page you probably noticed the FTP URL. Navigating to that location (via Web Browser) provides the same content, but with additional versions and an upgrade utility.

Extract Prerequisites and .MSI from Snagit.exe

The .MSI installer and prerequisites can be extracted directly from Snagit.exe. The perquisites can then be provides flexibility by being interchangeable with a deployment solution.

  • Launch Command Line in a directory containing Snagit.exe
  • The following command will display a Selection Box relating to the extractable contents.
snagit.exe /x
  • Select the items to extract and click OK

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